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Lead with your thumb. We are known for specializing in arm health, arm strength, adding velocity jaeger throwing program pdf for the arm, as well as mental training for baseball and softball players. The primary goal of our throwing program is to build an extremely strong base or foundation, progressively.

When a pitcher is doing the wrong things. In the jaeger throwing program pdf end, the muscular system will continue to pdf get abused which is why jaeger throwing program pdf we see more and more arm problems nowadays. Jaeger Sports&39; baseball jaeger Long Toss drill is a systematic approach to throwing based around two major principles: the "Stretching Out" and the "Pull Down" phase. Slowly increase number of reps as the weeks progress.

No set numbers or duration. We&39;re back to the regular EricCressey. Click jaeger throwing program pdf here to learn more about our throwing programs, broken down into three-parts. Once again, the arm is more exposed and less connected with the body, therefore the pdf musculature of the shoulder will overwork and eventually lose the battle with the stress being placed upon it. Hold the therapy tubing with your hand, overhead and out to the same side of the body as the hand holding the tube.

The Throwing Program. For more information about our Jaeger bands and jaeger other Jaeger Sports products, please visit our store. · This program is based on 3 days of throwing for Week 1 and then evolves into 4 days of throwing for the next 5 weeks.

What is jaeger throwing manual? · Along with his partner Jim Vatcher, Jaeger Sports then created the DVD "Thrive On Throwing 2", which takes players through Jaeger Sports&39; signature J-Band and Long Toss Throwing Program, and the "Year Round Throwing Manual", which is a guide to help players best "navigate" the four major periods or "seasons" (Off-Season, In-Season, Summer, Rest. Alan Jaeger introduces the steps of the Jaeger Sports arm care throwing program. If weather is an issue or you have no partner, an indoor short throwing program is sufficient as well. Which brings me to my next point. The Jaeger Year Round Throwing Manual is designed jaeger throwing program pdf to jaeger throwing program pdf give players, parents, and coaches a plan of action to not only optimize health, strength, endurance and recovery of the arm, but to gain insight into how to best "navigate" the four major seasons or periods throughout jaeger throwing program pdf the year (Off jaeger throwing program pdf Season, In Season, Summer Months, Rest Periods).

• 3 Phases • Stretching Out • Pull Down • Radar Gun • Start at 60 feet • Maintain jaeger throwing program pdf loose/relaxed arm action. the passive stuff) as a product of excess stress. You must be medically cleared to pitch. .

Thrive on Throwing: Arm Strength and Conditioning jaeger Program Alan Jaeger Alan Jaeger is the founder of the Jaeger Baseball Academy in Woodland jaeger throwing program pdf Hills, CA and has worked with pdf several High School and College players, as well as over 70 professional players, including Major Leaguers Barry Zito,. pdf Based on three major principles — Arm Care, Long Toss and Throwing Mechanics — Thrive On Throwing 2 is a proven system that has helped players jaeger throwing program pdf maximize the Health. It exponentially increases stress on the shoulder in an extremely vulnerable position, thus increasing the risk of overuse on the shoulder and therefore negatively affecting jaeger health and endurance.

Rehab Program The athlete should throw first, perform the Hitting Progression program second (if position player), rehab exercises third, and finally finish with jaeger throwing program pdf the strength and. As you will see below, I have broken down our Throwing Program into 3 phases. Complete the J-Band routine BEFORE & AFTER each workday for the duration of the program. Throwers Ten Exercise Program The Thrower’s Ten Program is designed to exercise the major muscles necessary for jaeger throwing program pdf throwing. Throw at 60 feet for 3 minutes.

As far as velocity goes, it’s a safe jaeger throwing program pdf bet to assume that gains made can be attributed to capsular and ligamentous lengthening jaeger throwing program pdf (i. Our off-season throwing jaeger throwing program pdf program is based predominately on 4-6 weeks of Arm Care exercises (Surgical Tubing) and. See how Pitcher China McCarney and Trevor Bauer build arm health, strength, velocity, endurance and improved recovery period as he goes through the Jaeger Sp. Our “Year Round Throwing Manual” is designed to give players, coaches and jaeger throwing program pdf parents a plan of action to not only find out how to best optimize the Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period of the jaeger arm, but to gain insight into how to best “navigate” the four major seasons or periods throughout the years. sample throwing program by age group * each bullet denotes the throwing protocol for a single dayages 9-10 & 11-12 interval interval. Even if your body did want more range of motion, is it smart to try and achieve this through something as harmful as throwing a baseball? com content this week. 99 Jaeger Year Round Throwing Manual Available until.

The eleven-step Jaeger bands exercise routine is designed to balance, strengthen & condition the rotator cuff & surrounding muscle groups. Alex Merricks and Matt Parris. There is a quantity discount jaeger throwing program pdf for Jaeger bands orders of 5 or more. Throwing Program: We recommend a long toss program like Thrive on Throwing by Alan Jaeger with an extension and a compression phase. Below you jaeger will see Aroldis Chapman initiating rotation and moving pdf into thoracic extension. Let me give you an idea of jaeger throwing program pdf what I’m talking about. jaeger throwing program pdf When is enough, enough?

Throw at 90 feet for jaeger throwing program pdf jaeger throwing program pdf 3 minutes. As a pitcher pulls down their front side, their arm becomes separated from their body and causes jaeger throwing program pdf it to drag through. Again, jaeger throwing program pdf it is crucial for pitchers to stay off the mound during this period. James Bradley Burke & Bradley Orthopedics 200 Delafield Road, Suite 4010 Pittsburgh, PA 15215 Phone: 412.

During the motion, lead with your thumb. Our three step approach toward Arm jaeger Development — Arm Circles, J-Bands™ and Long Toss — not only address the health of the arm, but also promote other major benefits, including: pdf Endurance, Strength, Recovery Period and jaeger throwing program pdf Mind/Body Awareness. If the power output of the throw is centered around the front arm pulling back into the body, the potential to recruit the proper muscles in order will be substantially altered. · What People Are Saying About Jaeger Sports Year Round Throwing Manual “Jaeger Sports’ Year Round Throwing Manual is a must-own for all pitchers, position players, and coaches alike. If the mind is focused on pulling and actively engaging the front side to initiate the throw the result will always be far inferior to what the body is truly capable of producing.

In addition, all exercises included are specific to the. Thrower’s Ten exercise program In standing 1A. Guys that have endured these programs have done exactly that. For more information. As Justin will highlight further in this article, cueing a pitcher to pulldown their front side can be costly in regards to shoulder health and longevity. The reason for this goes hand-in-hand with my previous jaeger throwing program pdf points: it causes jaeger throwing program pdf undue stress at the shoulder and elbow.

Front pdf arm activation in the throw might as well be the death sentence for the optimal release point out in front of the body. He is joined by students Alex Merricks and Matt Parris. I strongly suggest pitchers taking at least 10-12 weeks off after your season is over to give your arm time to heal and give you jaeger throwing program pdf time to focus on your overall strength. This is a pretty touchy subject for me, but I’ll try jaeger throwing program pdf jaeger to be as brief as I can. The Throwing Program Our off-season throwing jaeger throwing program pdf program is based predominately on 4-6 weeks of Arm Care exercises (Surgical Tubing) and Long Toss. Taking into consideration that a pitcher is coming off of an extended rest of 2-3 weeks, like anything else you would “build” in life, start off slowly and surely — walk before you jog and jog before jaeger throwing program pdf you run. Throwing a baseball over hand is a very un-natural movement jaeger for the pdf body. Welcome to Jaeger Sports!

EQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR THE PROGRAM Driveline PlyoCare Balls-Youth (1000g, 450g, 225g, 150g, 100g) 1 Bucket of Regular Baseballs 5 (5 oz) Wrist Weights (pair of 2. In development of the interval throwing program, the following jaeger throwing program pdf factors are considered most important. Diagonal pattern D2 extension: 1. More stress=forced range of motion. 5770 Glenn Holland, PT, ATC. Diagonal Pattern D2 Flexion. The act of throwing the baseball involves the transfer or energy from the feet through.

The Jaeger Sports J-Bands™ are an integral part of our Arm Care Program and a prerequisite to our Throwing Program. pdf The Jaeger Sports Arm Care and Long Toss Throwing Program Alan Jaeger % COMPLETE . Check out our training programs and our online shop where you&39;ll find all our products. This leads to something called hyperangulation, jaeger throwing program pdf which increases the stress on the front part of the shoulder. Move days forward or back a day or two to make it fit into your schedule. The Jaeger Sports Arm Strength and Conditioning training program is designed, first and foremost, to keep athletes Healthy. . It’s also a great time for focused, submaximal throwing work.

As far as a throwing program goes, stay tuned. Each phase lasts approximately 10-14 days. PT program or give them our Return to Throwing Program ) 2. Building a Better Throwing Program with Alan Jaeger - This was a really fun discussion with Alan Jaeger that covered not only how to construct individualized jaeger throwing program pdf throwing programs, but also how athletes can be advocates for their careers. The program is set up to minimize the chance of re-injury and emphasize pre-throwing warm-up and stretching.

· JAEGER SPORTS YEAR ROUND THROWING MANUAL com/Year-Round-Throwing-Manual/ Subscribe to 1 baseball channel on YouTube The main throwing phases of Alan Jaeger’s long toss program are the extension or going-out phase and the compression phase. 5kg each) 2 3 Jaeger Bands—Youth Get our Youth Starter Kit with all the required equipment (minus the baseballs) and you get a discount for buying the kit. The opening of the rear hip socket must be combined with the arching of the torso jaeger throwing program pdf into thoracic extension and MUST create the pattern of movement into any thrower&39;s rotation of the body to deliver the baseball t. What is a smart throwing program? Home of the J-Bands and Long Toss throwing program. Watch the videos for demonstrations. Thanks for all your support in! Now, what do you think is happening jaeger throwing program pdf jaeger throwing program pdf when the equivalent of a 60-pound bowling ball is forcing pdf us further into that position (which actually happens btw!

Compression is high-output throwing with guys typically working in 5-10 feet with each throw. Jaeger Long Toss Program • Designed as a Warm Up to Stretch out the arm. In this industry, people constantly assume that the body needs more and more range jaeger throwing program pdf of motion.

The eleven-step J-Band exercise routine is designed to balance, strengthen & condition the rotator cuff & surrounding muscle groups. What is Jaeger exercise? 10 Week Throwing Program for 13-15 Year Olds If tryouts are March 1st, count backwards 10 weeks and start the program there.

AKA it doesn’t like being forced further in this position!

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